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Papulatus (Clock) Quest Guide Empty Papulatus (Clock) Quest Guide

Post  Goldenaxxx on Wed May 07, 2008 1:49 pm

You get the first quest from one of the 2 NPC's in Ludibrium: Path of Time Either Flo or Mr.Bouffon

1) Lvl 60 to begin
2)You then kill a couple of monsters in the lower parts of the clock tower [soul teddys buffys or lower] and
collect a few "Tacheons"
3)Once you return to the NPC he will tell you that you need to collect 100 mysterious powders and 300
tacheons. You can get tacheons from almost any monster in ludibrium clock tower lower then the path of time. and dual ghost pirates, master death teddys , and gigantic spirit vikings drop the powder
4)Then you get the next quest wich is to find the 3 lost pieces of cracked dimension[A,B,C] wich are dropped by gigantic spirit vikings and grim phantom watchs. i cant remember what you get for doing this part of the quest tho..

5)after you hand in the quest you need to be lvl 80 to continue you then go kill papulatus and recieve ludibrium cape.
6) If you decide not to complete the quest, you coule get the ice piece fromt he npc anytime, which is required to be dropped for boss to spawn. However, note that you can only carry one piece at a time.
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