Beginner Normal Build Mage Traing Spot LvL1-30(2nd Job includd)

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Beginner Normal Build Mage Traing Spot LvL1-30(2nd Job includd) Empty Beginner Normal Build Mage Traing Spot LvL1-30(2nd Job includd)

Post  vVJingJingVv on Mon May 12, 2008 10:08 pm

I created this guide because i see alot of "where to train" threads
I hope this thread will lessen the number of those threads, and it might help you to train your mage/prest-to-be.
Thank you farao

1.0 - Beginners

Level 1-8
Train on green snails, blue snails and shrooms. Stay away from the tough red ones. Stay on Maple Island, don't go to Victoria before level 8. You might find some useful clothes too!

Training opts :
Green Snails,Blue Snails, Shrooms - Maple island-3,4 & 5 exp

1.1 - Magicians

Level 8-20
Train on snails for levels 8-12 at Henseys Hunting Ground I, you SHOULD have energy bolt. Levels 12-16 i would recommend slimes, and if you're good enough, go to Pig Beach at level 17. If not, try Orange Mushrooms. For a mix of them, go to Henseys Hunting Ground II. Octopus are good if you've maxed your Magic Claw earlier on.

Training opts :
Blue Snails -Henseys hunting ground I & II-4 exp
Shrooms - Henseys hunting ground I & II-5 exp
Slimes- Ellinia tree Tunnel, Tree that grew I, Henseys Hunting Ground I & II-10 exp
Pigs, Ribbon Pigs - Pig Beach , Rainforest East of Henseys-15 & 20 exp
Orange Mushrooms -Henseys Hunting Ground I & II-15 exp
Octopus - Kerning City Construction Site, Damp Forest -24 exp

Level 21-30
At this leve, range, your magic claw will be maxed out. At lower levels, try Ellinia tree dungeons with Horny and Green Mushroom. If you feel you're not that strong yet, try Octopus, Stirge, and Bubbling. Go to Ant Tunnels, hunt the Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms. Crow is OK too. Zipangu's Mushroom Forest, has Blue and Green Mushrooms, also good.
There's also the Party Quest, it has some really good rewards.

Training opts :
Green Mushrooms - Ellinia tree Tunnels, Mushroom Forest (Zipangu), Henseys Hunting Ground I-26 exp
Horny Mushrooms - Ant tunnels, Ellinia tree Tunnels-35 exp
Zombie Mushrooms - Ant tunnels-42 exp
Bubbling - Kerning City Subway , End of Shumi's level 20 Jump quest-26 exp
Stirge - Kerning City Subway - Transfer Area-33 exp
Octopus - Kerning City Construction Site, Damp Forest -24 exp
Crow - Crow Forest , Crow Forest2 -42 exp
Blue Mushrooms - Mushroom Forest (Zipangu)-32 exp
Kerning City PQ - Kerning City- May vary due to level and help done

So many monsters! Which to pick?! What a Face

JIAYOU...aLL 'HaRRY PoRteR waNNa Be'' lol!

2.0 - 2nd Job Advancement

Things to remember
1.Bring sufficient potions
2.The monsters are harder to kill, and don't give exp
3.The first SP you get should go into Teleport

The steps for the 2nd job test
1.At level 30, talk to Grendel,go to the Forest North of Ellinia, and walk to the top
2.Talk to the Job Instructor. He will send you to a hidden map full of Curse Eyes and Horny Mushrooms
3.Kill the mushrooms and curse eyes. They will both drop Dark Marbles
4.Once you obtain 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the Job Instructor again. He give you Proof of a Hero
5.Go back to Grendel, and choose your job!

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