Training grounds for Normal Build Fire Mage (Lvl 30-70)

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Training grounds for Normal Build Fire Mage (Lvl 30-70)

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Fire Wizards

Level 30-35
Ok, your attacks are not that strong yet, so lets concentrate on magic claw!
Ant tunnel is still a good area, maybe if you're bored, try Evil Eyes. You should be able to 2 hit KO them always. Wild boars are quite good too. I think its good to train with parties at Wild Boars, it keeps the spawn up. Again, Crows are still ok.

Training opts:
Crow - Crow forest, Crow forest2 - 42 exp
Wild Boars - Land of Wild Boar I & II - 42 exp
Evil Eyes - Cave fo Evil Eye I to IV - 50 exp
Zombie Mushroom - Ant Tunnels - 42 exp
Horny Mushroom - Ant Tunnels - 35 exp

Level 35-45
Ok, Elemental damage! Fire is quite good. Go to Jr Grupins, the exp is good there. If you still cant 2 hit KO them, go to Leattys at Orbis tower 7-6. When you feel strong enough go back to Jr Grupins. If you go deeper down orbis tower, you'll find Jr Pepes, those cute penguins!! Shoot fire arrows at them, from safe platforms or on the full platform. Fire wizards can train at Ludi PQ too. try Jr Wraiths, they're weak to fire. Ligators are also weak to fire. For late 3x onwards, the SG maps offer a monster with decent spawn, Freezer. They move quite slowly, and you should 1-2 hit KO them.

Training opts:
Leattys - Orbis Tower 7-6 Floor - 60 exp
Jr Grupin - Garden of Green I - 65 exp
Jr Pepes - Orbis Tower 1st Floor - 75 exp
Ligators - Swamp of Despair I and II - 60
Jr Wraiths - Kerning City Subway, End of Shumi's level 30 Quest - 70 exp
Freezer - Suburban Area 1 - 80 exp

Level 45-60
At this level range your Medititation should be maxed. Go to El Nath, try Jr Yetis at level 50+. Before that, keep killing Jr Grupins or Jr Pepes. Jr Yetis are OK until a higher level, like 60+ Grupins are very good sources of EXP too, you could also try Block Golems at Eos Tower 8th Floor. Weak to fire too. Fast spawn. Good until 5x. Freezers are still good until early 5x, and lastly Ludi PQ!

Training opts :
Jr Yetis - Watch Out for Icy Path I - 135 exp
Jr Grupin - Garden of Green I - 65 exp
Jr Pepes - Orbis Tower 1st Floor - 75 exp
Grupins - Garden of Green II - 160 exp
Block Golems - Eos Tower : 8th Floor - 102 exp
Freezer - Suburban Area 1 - 80 exp
Ludi PQ - Eos 101st Floor - May vary due to level and help done

Level 60-70
Around this level, you should start fighting White Pangs. Jr Yetis will get kinda slow, but its still okay there. Also try Hidden Street : The Crown Flyer from Cold Field II. If you're up to it, with a godly weapon you could train at Yeti or Finance of Flaming Racoon. Grupins are still good for training, the map has a much better than the Cellion/Lioner maps. Also, Showa Streets 2 and 3 are fine for training. The littlemen (or extras) are weak to fire! Leaders might be quite tough but you'll handle fairly well. Showa Street 3 has no Leaders but it has Jr Cerebes. 3-Tailed foxes at Korean Folk Town are also nice exp. Water Goblins (Hadong) at Zipangu is great, the spawn is awesome. Selkie Jr at Singapore Map gives great exp and Steely. A fire-weak monster to match Red Drakes! Quite pot-spammish though. Rush Orbis PQ is good exp too. Don't do the full PQ, it's a pot drainer.

Training opts :
Extra D - Finance of Flaming Racoon - 495 exp
Extra C, Leader A & B - Showa Street 2 - 148/310/320 exp
Extra A & B - Showa Street 3 & 2 - 130,139 exp
Jr Cerebes - Showa Street 3 - 102 exp
Grupins - Garden of Green II - 160 exp
Jr Yetis - Watch Out for Icy Path I and Hidden Street :The Crown Flyer - 135 exp
Pepes - Hidden Street: The Crown Flyer - 220 exp
Yetis - Icy Cold Field , Ice Valley I - 255/390 exp
White Pangs - Ice Valley 1, Werewolf Territory V (the one before coolie zombies) - 220 exp
3-Tailed Fox(Samiho) - Fox Ridge, Vanished Village - 185 exp
Water Goblin (Kappa) - Vanished Village - 220 exp
Selkie Jr - Ghost Ship 5 - 220 exp
Rush Orbis PQ - EXP may vary if party does Sealed Room or not

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