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Legendary Spirit
(Note: This skill does not require 4th job at all)
Description: Uses the spirit of a legend to use a scroll on an item that cannot be equipped with your character.
Skill Book Locations: Skillbook - QUEST

1. Talk to Eurek in almost any town. He will ask you to collect the following:
* Red Whip
* 1 Hand Sword Attack Scroll 100%
* Helmet DEF scroll 100%
* Topwear DEF scroll 100%
* Bottomwear DEF scroll 100%
* 1 Million mesos
2. Return to Eurek with the items and mesos in hand to get the skill Legendary Spirit.

Monster Rider
Description: Enables one to ride on a tamed monster and use it as a method of transportation.
Skill Book Locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Level 70) | Skillbook - QUEST (Level 120)

Mount - Hog
Pre-requisites: Level 70, third job
1. Go to Aqua Road and talk to Kenta. She wants you to collect 5 books and 5 crystals.
2. Talk to her again to enter a special arena.
3. In this arena will be a hog that you have to protect. During this protection quest, the hog will randomly drop the 5 crystals. The other 5 books you must collect by destroying treasure chests (a la Zakum PQ) throughout the map. If the 5 minute timer runs out before you have all of the items or if the hog dies, you will be sent out of the arena to do the quest again.
4. After successfully completing step 3, talk to Kenta again. She will give you the Mount skill, 32k experience, and a saddle.
5. Talk to Kenta again, and she'll give you another quest to obtain a special purple potion.
6. Go to the Village Chief in Leafre and purchase the potion from him for 20 Million mesos.
7. Return to Kenta and she will give you the quest to obtain your hog.
8. Go to a special map near Korean Folk Town.
9. The hog spawns just like a boss monster (e.g. Jr. Balrog or Mushmom). Once you see the hog spawn, double-click on the purple potion you bought to catch it. If you use your purple potion and there is no pig to catch, you will have to pay another 20 million mesos to the Village Chief of Leafre to try again.
10. A couple of notes about the hog...
1. The hog has 150% speed and 120% jump
2. It has an energy level of 100 and a fatigue level of 5. Every 10-15 seconds, your energy level is drained by the fatigue level.
3. You have to buy a special potion from the pet food sellers for 1k each to regenerate your pig's energy level.
4. Your pig has experience points and can level up just as normal pets do. It is unknown whether leveling up your pig will give any added bonuses, but you do need a level 3 hog to advance it to a Mane at level 120.

Mount Mane
Pre-requisites: Level 120, fourth job, Mount - Hog quest completed, hog must be level 3 or higher
1. Talk to Kenta from Aqua Road. She will give you a quest to collect the following:
* 600 Rexton Skin
* 400 Shoulder Pads
* 400 Skulls
2. She will also take your hog from you for the duration of this quest.
3. Go back to Kenta once you have collected the items. For a special fee of 50 million mesos, she will reward you with the Silver Mane.
4. The Mane works the same way as the hog, except for...
1. Pig --> Boar
2. Fatigue level 5 --> Fatigue level 3
3. 150% speed --> 170% speed

Hero's Will
Description: The status effect is canceled. As the level rises, the chance of status effect being canceled increases [Cooldown: 10 minutes]
Skill Book Locations: Skillbook - QUEST
Level 01: MP - 30 / escape from abnormal condition

1. First off, talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre to begin the quest. He will ask you to talk to Carta the Sea Witch.
2. Head to Aqua Road Dungeon and talk to Carta the Sea Witch
3. Talk to Carta the Sea Witch again to receive the quest from her. She asks you to collect 40 pieces of X in a special arena of hers. Now there should be another option in the Carta the Sea Witch's dialog box after you talk to her again. Select this new option (it should be the bottom one) to enter a special arena. You will need two people to enter the map, and you will lose a Pianus statue every time you try to enter the map.
4. Inside the map you will find 3 types of monsters: bone fish, shark, and goby. Every monster you kill inside the map will drop one of the 40 pieces you need, and you need to collect all 40 pieces before the timer runs out.
5. After you exit the map, talk to Carta the Sea Witch again.
6. Keep talking to her until you receive another quest
7. Now head to Leafre again and look for the NPC named Fu. He'll ask you to collect:
* Broken ring (Griffey)
* 10 Mithril plates
8. Return to Fu and give him the broken ring and the 10 Mithril plates. He will give you a new ring.
9. Head back to Aqua Road and talk to Carta the Sea Witch to finish the quest. She will give you the potion. Use the potion to acquire the skill.

Maple Warrior
Description: For a set time, your party's stats are boosted.
Skill Book Locations: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Horntail
Level 01: MP - 10 / +1% Base Stats / 30 seconds / 400% Range
Level 10: MP - 20 / +5% Base Stats / 300 seconds / 400% Range
Level 20: MP - 40 / +10% Base Stats / 600 seconds / 400% Range

After finishing the fourth job quest, your fourth job instructor grants you the skillbook for Maple Warrior.

I heard that when you hit level 200, you get to mount a lvl 200 red drake and Echo Of Hero skill book will be given to you. Anyone can confirm this?[u]
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