Rouge/Assassin/Hermit/Night Lord Skill Build

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Rouge/Assassin/Hermit/Night Lord Skill Build Empty Rouge/Assassin/Hermit/Night Lord Skill Build

Post  stylezdemo on Tue May 20, 2008 12:16 pm

(Proud to be a base dex 110 Normal Night Lord)

Max Lucky 7
3 to Nimble Body
Max Keen Eyes
Max Nimble Body
3 to Disorder
The rest to Dark Sight

3 to Mastery
Max Critical Throw
6 to Booster
Max Haste
Max Mastery
3 to Endure
Max Drain
Rest to Booster

Hermit's skills kinda useless with the shadow web and shadow mesos
Max Shadow
Max Avenger
Max Flash Jump
Max Alchemist
Max Mesos Up
See which skills you prefer, Either Shadow Mesos or Shadow web or Max ur Booster

Night Lord:
No matter what, get Triple Throw or save ur Skill Point, cos whats a NL w/o Triple Throw?
20 to Triple Throw
Max Venom (really helps alot in training)
10 to Fake
Max Showdown

Max Spirit Claw (To me its kinda useless, cos max lvl is just 2 mins and when pots runs out, you still gotta recharge and repot, am I right?)
Max Fake
Max Ninja Storm

If you ever get a chance to Horn Tail:
Max Triple Throw to 30
Max Maple Hero to 20
1 to Hero's Will

I still havent see anyone using Ninja Ambush... If anyone knows whether its effective or not, let me know pls.

That's the path of Night Lord in my opinion...
30% Scroll

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