4th Job Warrior Common Skills (Where/How to get them)

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4th Job Warrior Common Skills (Where/How to get them) Empty 4th Job Warrior Common Skills (Where/How to get them)

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Monster Magnet:
Description: Forcibly draw an enemy closer to you
Skill book locations: 20 - Pianus, Nest Golem | 30 - Pianus

Description: Your skin becomes hardened and damage is effectively reduced
Skill book locations: 20 - Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Manon

Description: With tough perseverance you do not get knocked back when attacked
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Crimson Balrog ["Green Paper"]) | 20 - Zakum, Papulatus | 30 - Zakum

1. Hunt for "Green Paper" storybook from a Crimson Balrog, then talk to your 4th job instructor.
2. Now talk to Spiruna found in Cloud Park in Orbis. Give her the "Green Paper".
3. Talk to your fourth job instructor. He will instruct you to find a "Bluish paper" that drops from Lycanthropes.
4. Once you acquire the Blue Paper, talk to your fourth job instructor again.
5. Venture to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor. He will give you another quest to find a Gold Medal.
6. Enter the El Nath PQ and complete it successfully to obtain the Gold Medal.
7. Return to your fourth job instructor, and he will trade you a skillbook for Stance for your Gold Medal.

Description: While rushing foward this skill pushes the monsters with you. If you miss the monster, the monster will not be moved. [Affects up to 15 enemies]
Ed. Comment: For Paladins, there are no different animations for using charges with Rush.
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Taurospears) | 20 - Cornian (Both Green and Dark), Pianus | 30 - Pianus

1. Hunt for the storybook from Taurospears. Once you obtain the storybook, a quest will appear in your quest log.
2. Now that you have the storybook, head to Manji in Perion to begin the quest. He'll ask you to hunt 200 Taurospears in a special map.
3. Now travel to Sleepywood Dungeon and find the map Sanctuary Entrance 3. In order to enter the special map, you will need the following: a party of 2 members where you are the leader, and your teammate must be a 4th job warrior.
4. Once the party is formed, go to the middle portal in Sanctuary Entrance 3. Kill 200 Taurospears in this map before the timer runs out. As long as you have 2 people, you can enter this map after this quest is finished.
5. After you finish killing them head back to Manji in Perion to complete the quest.

Description: Fixed probability of the enemy attack being nullified. When an attack is blocked, the enemy is stunned for 2 seconds. [Requires shield equipped]
Ed. Comment: Paladin and Hero only
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Skelosaurus | 30 - Manon

1. Go to the "Forest Branching Path" in Leafre and talk to the NPC at the top of the map. He will give you a wooden shield and tell you to hunt 200 Dark Kentaurus in his arena.
2. With a shield equipped, talk to him again and select the option to enter the arena. (NOTE: If you are not wearing a shield, you will die instantly once you enter the arena!)
3. Kill some Dark Kentaurus, then leave the arena through a portal. The shield will not be taken from you.
4. Talk to the NPC at the top of the map again to re-enter the arena and kill some more Kentaurs.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary to kill 200 Dark Kentaurus.
6. Talk to the NPC again to finish the quest. You will lose the shield initially given to you, gain a level 120 shield, and gain the skillbook for Blocking.
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