1st Successful Zak Run on 20/07/08

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1st Successful Zak Run on 20/07/08

Post  Goldenaxxx on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:20 am

Gratss on our first successful zak run......

Started at 7.35pm and ended 9pm sharp. Darkcrusedar couldnt make it in time, and it was unfortunate that Yuufa dc. Well, there will be better times ahead. This zakum was very good. It managed to drop basic sb and 3 helms... All jiayou for next sunday..

Attendance List

Party 1:


Party 2


Gratsss the following:

Basic Skillbooks
looted by Toffeemint(Advanced Combo)

looted by vvJingJingvv (Angel ray)

Mastery Skillbooks
looted by ooMiyuoo (Berserk 20)

Zakum Helmets
looted by xMrShadow

looted by xxxEdw1nxxx

- Disappeared....

looted by vvJingJingvv (Zak Cert)

Rest of the loot to be shared by:

- Triple Throw 20

Stance 30

- Pinaka

ooMiyuoo(Thought of giving her berserk as the reward, didnt knw berserk dropped to 2m, so will include her in the meso share and minus out 2 mil from it) For future batches, all sb will be taken for sale. If any individual wants to buy, can approach me or jing.
Thanks all for the wonderfull zak

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oUR 1sT ZakuM baTch oN 20th JuLy 2008, 7pm

Post  vVJingJingVv on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:54 am

GraTs guysSsss....as weLL as To mYseLf... hehe... I goT mY AR....haD fuN duriNg the whoLe proCesS... toOk loaDs of piCs...hehe Laughing

SpeciaL thKs to ouR guesTs; oomiyuoo, Ashury as weLL as Toffeemint f0R theiR heLp. Surprised
noT forGetTing ouR oWn guiLd meMbeRs;
insaneBEL - haD alreadY 'seMi-retirEd'...buT due to 'audieNce reqUesT', he gLadLy maDe a 'CoMeBacK'. ThaNk You Robin. lol!
ljslwhy - foR 'adVertisiNG' noN-stoP wheN we R aT dooR 1 as weLL as uR SE
GOLDENAXXX - foR uR suPPly oF 'CAT vouCheR' (shd b FISH vouCher) asweLl as uR migHtY aTTacK geek
PaTterN - heRo indeeD herO...f0r cleaRinG the moBs in orDer to protecT uS frM beiNg 'biTTen' sunny
yuufa108 - thOu unaBle to compLetE thE whoLe joUrneY, sTiLL ThaNk you foR evErYtinG. TrY agaIn cheers
xMrShadoW - thKs MuYo foR heLpinG BeBe...a loYaL freN indEEd Laughing
xXxEDW1NxXx - mY 'beLoveD' studeNt...t0 thiNk he acTuaLLy SURVIVED n waS heLmed Shocked hehe

ThaNks f0R makiNg tiS baTch a SUCCESS...heRebY attaChed is the SS I tOOk duriNg the harD fiGhT tongue

iNside ZakUm caVe

ZaKuM haS spawNNnnnnNNnn...fiGhT...

FiGhTinG ZakUM...

GOLDENAXXX's spoNsoRed 'CAT vouCher'...(shouLd b FISH vouCheR)

ZaKuM boDY 1

ZaKuM boDY 2

ZaKuM boDY 3

ZakUm dowN...oUr swEEt rewaRdsSss...

CheErsSsss rabbit Very Happy Smile Wink pirat geek flower lol!
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