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Post  Goldenaxxx on Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:07 pm

Lvl 70 to begin with.

You need to talk to Kenta to start the quest. After you start the quest, talk to Kenta again, and tell her you want to protect the hog. Defend the hog (I hear it's tough), which will drop 10 Aromas randomly. The chests you find inside will drop Kenta's Reports. Collect 10 of those as well. Once you collect all the items quickly talk to Kenta to complete the quest. You'll receive a saddle at this point I think. Equip it and forget about it xD

The next stage of the quest requires you to make a trip to Leafre and talk to Chief Tatamo. Pay 20 million mesos (yes, expensive as hell) to get Dragon Perfume Bottle. Return to Kenta to obtain the Dragon Pheremone.

As per Kenta's Instructions, go to Tiger Ridge in KFT, then find the hidden street "Wild Hog's Area" by pressing up at the top left broken wagon. Inside you'll find a wild hog to catch. If you don't see one CC. It has a spawn time of 1 hour or so, maybe, probably, I dunno... Anyways, prepare the Dragon Pheremone in a hotkey, then as you and the hog overlap each other, use the Pheremone. Congratulations! You've gotten the Hog Taming Mob. Go to your equipment inventory and equip the Hog. Then go to your skills menu, assign the Taming Mob Riding skill to a hotkey, then you're good to go.


1) Talk to Kenta again
2) Will ask you to hunt 600 rexton leather, 400 wooden shoulder pad, 400 skull shoulder pad, 50 million meso
3) Talk to kenta again to complete quest and get mane.
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