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6 Man Zakum Batch on 1 May 2008

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6 Man Zakum Batch on 1 May 2008 Empty 6 Man Zakum Batch on 1 May 2008

Post  Goldenaxxx Sun May 04, 2008 11:28 pm

4 hours zak batch... all went out except for my party

Rainiejy - 14x BS
lXuhengl - 9x ranger(helmed in this batch)
Neochilistz - 14x DK
Goldenaxxx - ME lar..
GordonWong - 11x Blood priest -(3k plus Hp without Hyperbody, but died at B3 40%) Megaed 3 times for GM but no response...due to the breakdown of CHn 1 and 2.
Woyaonideaii - 15x NL( Selfless NL who ran out of stars and donated all remaining pots at B1)

Drops: 3 hems, Genesis mastery book 20, Infinity 30, zedbug and 1 Gold Double Knife(forget the name.)

All thanks to Jing for sending a WA 30 ticket to down this zakum..... =)
url=]6 Man Zakum Batch on 1 May 2008 6man_z12[/url]
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