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'How to add 4th job skills' & 'Skillbooks''???

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'How to add 4th job skills' & 'Skillbooks''??? Empty 'How to add 4th job skills' & 'Skillbooks''???

Post  vVJingJingVv Mon May 05, 2008 3:59 am

Below are the details about how to add 4th job skills Question

1. What is a skillbook?
Unlike previous job advances, you are not granted the ability to allocate SP to all levels of every single skill. Instead, you are given an initial maximum SP level of 10 for your core skills, while your other non-core skills have an initial maximum SP level of 0. In other words, you cannot put points into your non-core skills until you have found that respective skill's skillbook. Using the skillbook will allow you to allocate SP to the first 10 points of that skill.

2. What are the core skills for ArchMages/Bishops?
I/L Archmage: Quantum Explosion, Mana Reflection, Chain Lightning
F/P Archmage: Quantum Explosion, Mana Reflection, Medusa Eyes
Bishop: Quantum Explosion, Mana Reflection, Holy Shield

Also, all classes technically get "Maple Hero" as well. You are granted the skillbook for this skill when you complete the fourth job quest.

3. What is a storybook? How is it different from a skillbook?
A storybook is an item that you can find from a normal monster, such as Lucidas or Grim Phantom Watches. Storybooks allow you to begin the quest to obtain the skillbook. The skillbook allows you the ability to allocate SP to the first 10 levels of a given skill. Even though these two words look alike, they are NOT the same thing!

4. Okay, so how do I get skillbooks?
Most skillbooks can be obtained through fetch quests (as listed above). Many of these quests will have you running between all of your different job instructors, and a few of them will have you doing jump quests or PQs. Also, you can find some skillbooks dropping from boss monsters, such as Triple Throw (Zakum) or Angel Ray (Zakum). So, it really varies.

5. Gotcha. I've got the skillbooks. Now how do I increase my maximum SP level further?
In order to increase your maximum SP level of a given skill, you have to find level 20 and level 30 guides (these allow you to raise your maximum SP level to levels 20 and 30, respectively), which are usually dropped by non-boss monsters. Unfortunately, MapleStory likes to make things difficult. If you use a level 20 guide, there is only a 70% chance that it will work. A level 30 guide has only a 50% chance that it will work. Sucks, huh? Thank goodness at least the skillbook has a 100% chance of working. =P

6. Oh no! What if the guides fail when I use them?!
Relax, your skills don't have "slots" like normal weapons. You can use guides on your skills as much as you like.

7. Anything else I need to know about upgrading my skills?
YES. You must have at least 5 points in a skill before you attempt to use the level 20 guide. You must have at least 15 points in a skill before you can use the level 30 guide.

8. Anything else I should know?
Yes. There are many things that we do not know about this skill system. For example, will the Black Bible storybook (quest item for the Bishop skill Resurrection) drop for a Bowmaster? Can the storybooks be traded? So some things are still not known, and even the above information could be erroneous. We will only know with time, I presume.

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