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Hero Skills (Where/How to get them)

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Hero Skills (Where/How to get them) Empty Hero Skills (Where/How to get them)

Post  stylezdemo Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:21 am

Description: Attacks twice against a certain amount of enemies
Ed. Comment: Always calculated as one stab, one slash
Skill book locations: 20 - Dark Wyvern | 30 - Papulatus

Advanced Combo
Description: Maximum amount of orbs becomes 10. With a certain chance, acquire 2 orbs with one strike.
Skill book locations: Skillbook - Zakum | 20 - Nest Golem | 30 - Guild Quest, Skelegon, Skelosaurus

Description: 10 orbs are consumed, and attack power is increased for a duration. [Cooldown: 8 minutes]
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Zakum | 30 - Horntail

1. Talk to Librarian Wiz to begin the quest. He will give you a blue book and ask you to take it to Village Chief Totamo in Leafre.
2. Take the blue book to Chief Totamo. He will ask you to search for a necklace which was stolen by Griffey.
3. Hunt Griffey until you obtain Chief Totamo's necklace.
4. Return to Totamo with the necklace. He will give you another quest to talk to "The Insignificant Being" in Sleepywood Dungeon.
5. "The Insignificant Being" will tell you to find a shield and a key, and return it to Librarian Wiz.
6. Kill a Jr. Balrog to obtain the key.
7. Now go to Sanctuary Entrance 4 and enter the middle portal. You must have the key to enter.
8. Find the shield inside this arena before the timer runs out.
9. Return to Librarian Wiz with the key and the shield to obtain the Enrage Skillbook.
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