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Bowmaster Skills (Where/How to get them)

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Bowmaster Skills (Where/How to get them) Empty Bowmaster Skills (Where/How to get them)

Post  stylezdemo Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:45 am

Description: The arrow is shot at the foot of the enemy, causing the enemy to be slowed briefly
Skill book locations: 20 - Zakum, Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Griffey

Storm Arrow
Description: A hurricane flows a torrential sea of arrows at your enemy. Shoots approximately 8 - 10 arrows per second. When the skill is activated, you may continuously fire arrows, but you may not use items until the skill is deactivated.
Ed. Comment: The initial delay before a single arrow is fired is 0.96 seconds
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Guild Quest, Jr. Newtie | 30 - Papulatus

1. Talk to 4th job instructor to begin the quest. She will ask you to hunt for a brown glove.
2. Next head to Leafre
3. Go hunt Blue Kentaurs for the brown glove
4. Talk to Athena the complete the quest

Description: Raises attack power and decreases MP cost [Cooldown: 6 minutes]
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Sharks ["Green Storybook"]) | 20 - Zakum, Pianus | 30 - Zakum

1. Hunt for the Green Storybook from Sharks
2. Bring the green book to Librarian Wiz in Korean Folk Town. He will ask you to collect the following: 50 ink (dark squid), 10 pure waters, and 30 magic rocks.
3. Bring back all of the collected items to Librarian Uzu. He will give you another Green Book.
4. Head over to Henesys and talk to Athena
5. Now travel to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor
6. Then talk to Shammos below
7. Travel to Sleepywood and talk to ???, and then then head to Sleepywood Dungeon and talk to "The Insignificant Being"
8. "The Insignificant Being" will asks you to collect 50 dark crystal balls (Cargo, Taurospear, Jr. Balrog)
9. Return back to "The Insignificant Being", and he will exchange your items for a key to enter an arena.
10. Go to Sanctuary Entrance 3 with the key in hand and enter the portal in the middle
11. Begin killing 300 monsters inside, you have about 20mins to complete this part (NOTE: You need 1 other person to enter this arena. That person must also be a 4th job archer).
12. Once your done, talk to the "Insignificant Being" again to complete the quest.

Description:For a set period of time, summons a Phoenix with fire attribute that can hit up to 4 monsters. Does not require Summoning Rocks to use.
Ed. Comment: The skill range for Phoenix is almost half the size of the Bowmaster's third job counterpart.
Elemental Attribute: Fire
Skill book locations: Storybook - QUEST | 20 - Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Manon

1. Begin the quest by talk to Kumo in Leafre. He'll ask you to find a Mysterious Egg.
2. Head to Cave of Trial 3 in El Nath and find for the mysterious egg in a hidden map.
3. Travel back to Leafre and talk to Kumo
4. Go left of Riprey and down to the map just before the hunting grounds for Sheep.
5. Enter the specified portal. Drop the egg in a specified location, which will summon a Phoenix. Kill it.
6. Once your done return to Kumo. He will give you the skillbook for Phoenix.
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