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Night Lord Skills (Where/How to get them)

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Night Lord Skills (Where/How to get them) Empty Night Lord Skills (Where/How to get them)

Post  stylezdemo Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:02 am

Siprit Claw
Description: Use 200 stars out of your current deck to be able to use an infinite amount of stars for a given duration.
Skill book locations: 20 - Brexton | 30 - Papulatus

Description: The enemy is deceived with a wooden doll substitution. When this skill succeeds, your character will make the F2 expression.
Skill book locations: 20 - Dark Wyvern, Pianus | 30 - Pianus

Thriple Throw
Description: Three stars are thrown at the same time giving immense amount of damage to the enemy.
Skill book locations: Skillbook - Zakum | 20 - Zakum, Shinotuo | 30 - Zakum

Ninja Storm
Description: Hurl enemies to the left and right of you using your Ninja's Shadow. [Effective for up to 6 enemies]
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Dual Ghost Pirates ["Sealed Letter"]) | 20 - Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Guild Quest

1. Find "The Sealed Letter" storybook from Dual Ghost Pirates.
2. Proceed to the Cloud Balcony (Ludi). *Note* The map with those panda and pinks bear, the toy horse map? Keep going to ur left and you will soon reach.
3. Now that you have finally arrived at the cloud balcony, juz stand there for about 5 seconds and you be automatically transported to a new map with a npc in it; Chaser Of Darkness. He will give u a marble and require you to head over to orbis Guild area and capture a marble (Exterior)
4. After your done, travel back to Chaser Of Darkness
5. He then asks you to hunt for 3 items: Cursed Whirlwind (Boogie in Zakum), Black Tornado (Thanatos), and Griffey Wind (Griffon)
6. Once you collect all the required items, travel to Leafre
7. Talk to your 4th job instructor to finish.
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