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Shadower Skills (Where/How to get them)

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Shadower Skills (Where/How to get them) Empty Shadower Skills (Where/How to get them)

Post  stylezdemo Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:10 am

Boomerang Step
Description: The enemy is attacked twice very quickly. The enemy is stunned with a fixed probability.
Skill book locations: 20 - Papulatus, Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Papulatus

Description: The enemy is deceived with a wooden doll substitution. When this skill succeeds, your character will make the F2 expression.
Skill book locations: 20 - Dark Wyvern, Pianus | 30 - Pianus

Description: After coming in close under Dark-Sight, assasinate the enemy by a surprise attack: damaging the vital points of the monster 3 times continuously. The final attack, which comes out in a given probability, has a certain chance of giving death wound. Longer Dark-Sight will make the damage bigger.
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Griffey | 30 - Guild Party Quest

1. To begin this quest this talk to your 3rd job instructor
2. Head over to the Perion Excavation Site and talk to Shane
3. Continue to talk to him to receive another quest. He will ask you to go to an arena. Talk to him again to enter.
4. Once inside, there are boxes you need to hit to warp to the next level. Only 1 person may enter the arena at a time, and you have 20 minutes to finish the quest.
5. Give the item you found to Shane then talk to him again
6. Return to your 3rd job instructor to finish the quest and gain Assassinate.

Smoke Shell
Description: In order to avoid danger, you spread the smoke screen around yourself. Everyone partied inside the smoke screen receives no damage from the enemy. [Cooldown: 10 minutes]
Skill book locations: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook from Lucidas) | 20 - Zakum | 30 - Horntail

1. Lucidas should drop the Smoke Screen storybook that you need to begin the quest
2. Once the book is found, check your quest log. A new quest should appear in there about the Mad Scientist
3. Travel to aqua tower and talk to Hughes to continue the quest.
4. Keep talking to him to receive another quest from him. He asks for the following:
A fan
A battery
100 of item X (Squid)
20 refined steel plate
50 propellors (Dual Ghost Pirates)
50 screws
50 gears (Chronos)
5. Another quest should appear in your quest log stating that Kay, the engineer, should appear in Omega Sector. This subquest will give you the fan you need.
6. Head over to Omega Sector and talk to Kay. She will ask you for the following:
100 yellow propellors (Helly)
1 steel plate
7. Once thats done, go back to Kay, and she will give you the fan
8. Stay at Omega Sector and talk to the scientist Hairy Porter in the tower. He'll ask you to get a specific drop from Papulatus. This subquest will give you the battery you need.
9. Travel back to Ludi and kill Papulatus until he drops a specific statue
10. Bring that statue back to Hairy Porter. He will give you a battery.
11. Finally, go back to Hughes in Orbis tower and talk to him. He will give you a computer.
12. Use the computer, and Smoke Bomb should be in your skill list now
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