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Post  Admin Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:27 pm

IN view of the recent case whereby a member 's character was hacked after registering as a member, I would like to bring up certain points

1) This forum has been tested by a few of us, and found NO traces of keyloggers

2) Please do not visit any malicious websites which promote cheap mesos or links which are suspicious.

3) If you have firewall, kindly switch it on.

4) To be safe, pls do run a scan on your own computer using programs such as Spybot or Adware or any other programs which you deemed fit to be safe and provide the best security for your own usage

5) The registered users and admin of the forum are not responsible for any misadventure or compromising of personal computers arising from the surfing of this forum.

6) This is a FREE FORUM. If you have any issues regarding the security or safety in surfing this place, pls kindly contact Http://

Besides, I have sent enquiries regarding the safety and security programs the forum masters employ. Stay tuned in.
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