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S> Lots of equips

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S> Lots of equips Empty S> Lots of equips

Post  stylezdemo Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:22 am

Maple Belzet:
STR+13 W.A.97 ACC+36 [0 Slot]

Maple Doom Singer:
STR+12 W.A. 83 W.DEF+1 Acc+34 [0 Slot]

Dark Identity:
LUK+6 W.DEF43 [Clean]

Yellow Work Glove:
INT+1 W.DEF2 [Clean]

Gold Lapiz Sandals:
INT+3 LUK+1 M.A.2 W.DEF24 M.DEF11 [Clean]

Maple Wagner:
W.A.58 Acc+9 Avoid+15 [Clean]

Maple Dark Mate:
LUK+4 W.A.76 Acc+15 Avoid+22 [6 Slots]

Maple Scanda:
LUK+3 W.A.35 Avoid+24 [Clean]

Maple Kandayo:
W.A.22 Avoid+20 [Clean]

Dark Korben:
STR+3 DEX+3 MP+20 W.DEF41 [Clean]

Blue Crusader Chainmail:
DEX+18 HP+5 W.DEF60 M.DEF20 Acc+3 Speed+1 [0 Slot]

W.A.97 [Clean]

Scroll for glove for att 60%

Scroll for cape for luk 60%
30% Scroll

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