Misconceptions about Clerics *IMPORTANT*MUST READ*

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Misconceptions about Clerics *IMPORTANT*MUST READ* Empty Misconceptions about Clerics *IMPORTANT*MUST READ*

Post  vVJingJingVv on Tue May 13, 2008 8:51 pm

1. We no longer need HP pots since we have heal ?
Some of us might have the misconception "Ah...Since we can heal, we can forget about bringing HP pots. Our heal is more godly than HP pots what...". WRONG! We still need HP pots for emergency purpose.

Imagine you are in the midst of hitting coolie zombies and the gas stuns you before you manage to escape. You press your heal key. Argh. Cannot. Then you realize that you don't have any HP pots with you. How? Those stupid coolies are attacking you non-stop and you still haven't recovered from the stun yet. Are you just going to surrender and enjoy a free trip to town? HP pots would come in handy in this situation. Don't lose to those stingy mobs!

You have to get used to bringing HP pots wherever you go, even when you become a priest in the future. Those HP pots can save your life. It's especially useful when you become an attacker priest who trains at undeads like grims and monglong ghosts. Those mobs 2 hit KO us. There are some situations when we cannot press heal on time, e.g. wrong time to cast shining ray, climb ladder but got hit in the process, cast holy symbol at the wrong time/place, etc.

So. Remember. Don't underestimate the usefulness of HP pots!

2. We don't need magic guard since we have heal ?
Magic guard only drains our MP at a fast rate. Waste meso! We have heal thus we won't end up consuming as many pots as ice and fire mages. They save more meso by turning on magic guard during training since they don't have heal, but we are different! We have heal! So? A skill that add WDEF like magic armor is more useful than magic guard since it makes us receive less damage.

Are those points what some of you guys thought?

* Well. It's true that we can always press one heal button to recover our HP to full.

However, let me ask you. What are you going to do with mobs which deal damage HIGHER than your HP? Depending on HB? HP gears? How godly can HB or your HP gears be? What about those mobs which deal much higher damage than your HB-ed HP even after wearing HP gears? Zakum's body, anyone? Crow boss (5.6k+ damage with invincible on)? Anego's slap (12.6k+ damage with invincible on)? Can your HB-ed HP achieve higher HP than those damage?

How? Surrender to the mobs and just enjoy a free trip to town? Avoid the mobs forever since they instantly KO you? No, right? So, how to solve this 'problem'? At max lvl, magic guard splits the damage that you receive: 20% to your HP and 80% to your MP. Normally, if your MP and HP are full, it's not the lack of MP that causes your instant death since your MP is normally sufficient, BUT it's your HP which isn't enough to withstand the damage.

Besides, we normally train without magic guard since we have heal and damage-reducing-skill like invincible (and element resistance when you become a priest in the future). Magic guard will normally be used for boss battles. Without magic guard, you are forever stuck at certain mobs. You won't be able to fight stronger mobs. What's the fun then?

* It's true that magic armor does decrease the physical damage that you receive.

Have you ever thought how much damage max magic armor can decrease? From what I know, 3 WDEF only reduces 1 damage. 40 WDEF (max magic armor) reduces 13 damage. Worth it to add? Considering high lvl mobs deal much higher damage. What's the puny little 13 damage reduction compared to hundreds to thousands damage that high lvl mobs deal? It's insignificant!

Ah. And one more thing. The WDEF bonus from magic armor can NOT stack with the WDEF bonus from your bless. So, is there still a point to add any SP into magic armor at all?

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