3rd Job Advancement for Mage(Wisdom Q&A included)

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3rd Job Advancement for Mage(Wisdom Q&A included) Empty 3rd Job Advancement for Mage(Wisdom Q&A included)

Post  vVJingJingVv on Tue May 13, 2008 8:59 pm

Now, the tests consist of 2 parts:

1. Battle against Grendelís evil side

Location: Ellinia (Forest of Evil 2)
Time limit: 20 mins
Pots to bring: 50 red bean sundae, 20 all cure pots (or holy water) to break free from Grendelís curses, and some hp pots (just in case)
(* The amount of pots is actually much more than what I used up in my 3rd job test, but itís better to bring more for safety)

You will have to fight against Grendelís evil side. Grendel will summon up to 4 macis after some time. Remember to activate magic guard and invincible at all times as you most likely would die on 2nd hit if you off your magic guard. The macis hurts you hard. Itís better to waste a few pots once and for all rather than keep on dying.

For clerics who donít max holy arrow, just use your magic claw. It might seem hard, but don't worry. My HA isn't maxed either. I used pure magic claw. Used up 15 sundae and 3 all cure pots. Took me 5 mins to kill grendel and 2 macis. Avoid hitting the macis if you can. They will be annoying if you provoke them. I had no choice but to kill those 2 macis since I accidentally hit them. I ignored the other two. You can use telecasting method to hit Grendel too. It will save your pots.

2. Wisdom test
Location: El Nath (Hidden Street at Sharp Cliff 2)
Things to bring: 1 refined dark crystal (Take note! NOT black crystal)

Answer ALL of the questions given correctly. One mistake and you will have to give the stone another crystal!

You can ALT+TAB to check hidden street website for the answers. I did that (Oops. Cheating )

Some possible questions are mentioned in this thread:


You can refer to the post that we have put up in our own GaChaPon Guild forum(under Quest Section)

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